Tallawarra B Gas-Fired Power Station Completion

After two years of construction, 150,000 man hours worked for the CE Group team, EnergyAustralia have recently opened the Tallawarra B Gas-Fired Power Station. With an overall project value of $300 Million, this first of its kind project saw the construction of a fast-start 320MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine, offering the capability to run on a blend of gas and green hydrogen. 

This project will complement the existing 440MW Gas-Fired Power Station Tallawarra A. Combined, the projects will provide reliable power supply to NSW energy systems in peak periods.

Learn more about the project: EnergyAustralia Article

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Project Completion | Bard Engineering
CE Group recently completed works at Tallawarra B Power Station. The new works allow the Power Station the capability to run on a blend of gas and green hydrogen, the project saw the construction of a 320MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine and supporting plant to create efficiency in the reliability for NSW energy systems.