We believe in the continual improvement of the way we do business. We are committed to leaving a positive contribution to the industry and will ensure sustainable outcomes for our community and our business . We will empower our staff to speak up, be heard and lead positive change.

Social Impact

Our team are proud to be apart of a progressive business, that recognises and provides a sense of belonging, acknowledging our diverse and contrasting cultures across our locations. 

As a business, we celebrate and encourage diversity, welcome positive inclusion and empower good corporate citizenship practices. Priding ourselves on a workplace that reflects our team, the communities we operate in and clients we work with, allows us to create an environment where everyone is treated with respect. Through active participation in education, partnerships, and social development initiatives CE Group remain at the forefront for positive sustainable social impact.

CE Group Sustainable electrical contractor. Women in PNG Hospital

CE Group have provided me the opportunity to build a bright future and a lasting career.

Jayll Silas Quality Manager
Papua New Guinea


We commit to positive environmental and social governance across all business operations.  

CE Group has a key focus on prioritising positive environmental impact initiatives. Where possible, we implement energy efficiency practices, encourage waste reduction and responsible resource management. We continually look to improve out footprint and aim at reduction where practical. This ethos looks to promote value for our team, our clients, community, and the natural environment.

CE Group Sustainable electrical contractor. enivornmental
CE Group Sustainable electrical contractor. LIVIN WELL Session at Gold Coast Office

Mental Fitness

CE Group is a mental fitness business. We strongly believe in the benefits of good mental health and acknowledge the importance of looking after ourselves and each other when it comes to creating an open and supportive company focus.

We strive to better our workplace culture to provide our team members and external stakeholders with a positive mental health environment. As part of our continued commitment to mental fitness, CE Group has partnered with LIVIN as our official community partner.

This partnership allows CE Group to reinforce its commitment to mental fitness whilst providing education and help to all staff members.

In addition to LIVIN, CE Group has engaged Uprise to act as its third-party Employee Assistance Program. Uprise will provide 24-hour support to any employee in Australia or abroad with counselling or advice.

CE Group also delivers formal mental health first-aid training for employees to increase education and awareness within the business.

Our goal is to have at least one certified mental health first aid worker at all times.

Pacific Skills

CE Group’s Pacific Skills initiative aims at ensuring that all CE projects throughout the pacific offer locally employed electrical workers the opportunity to better their trade skills.

CE Group will provide on-the-job training to local industry workers with the option of completing their formal trade training certificate at the Australia Pacific Training Coalition.

The APTC provide an Australian recognised training program focused on Australian Electrical Standards. This gives CE Group employees and apprentices the best possible opportunity for long term industry employment by building their education on the foundations of higher standards.

Our Pacific apprentices have the benefit of working and
learning side by side with CE Group’s elite expatriate electricians to give them the advantage of having a thorough education both on-site and in the classroom.

Internally developed training and skills assessment

A 22-week electrical apprentices training program, delivered by APTC Training delivery in line with the Queensland electrical apprentice curriculum as established by TAFE QLD International:

  • Recognition of prior learning assessments
  • Collaborative and supportive work environments
  • On the job skill development under the supervision of elite expatriate electricians
CE Group Sustainable electrical contractor. Three people standing together
CE Group Sustainable electrical contractor. Three people standing together


CE Groups commitment to continual improvement recognises the need for the consistent advancement and upskilling of our staff. We encourage professional development and assist in with training and education through all levels of the organisation.

Our investment in training ensures we keep pace with the fast changing pace of the industry and positions CE Group for success in the future.

We have a passion for the training and development of electrical Apprentices. Since CE Group began, we have helped over 300 apprentices complete their trade qualifications in Australia and Papua New Guinea to become fully licensed Electricians. Our Apprentices receive a robust exposure to the industrial discipline of the electrical trade and gain experience in a broad range of key skill sets to ensure their success as tradespeople in tomorrow’s industry.

To start your unique journey in the electrical industry – Apply now for a CE Group Apprenticeship

Safety & Quality

CE Group maintains and continuously enhances an Integrated Management System with the objective of providing consistent processes and outcomes in the areas of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality across all its projects.

CE Group maintains management processes in line with governing authorities, to ensure that all CE Group staff are committed to the Integrated Business Management System requirements through their behaviour and their actions.

Our management systems have received Third-Party Certification from one of the world’s leading National Standards Body in GRS. The company prides itself on the quality of the installations consistently delivered. This quality is reinforced from positive client testimonial worldwide, and repeat business received post successful completion.Employees are an integral part of the company’s success and participate in the continuous improvement of the management systems to improve the company and its reputation.

CE Groups Management Systems are backed by Third-Party Certification under the Master Electricians Australia banner of “Safety Connect” and accredited to ISO 9001 standards.

CE Group Sustainable electrical contractor. Man at switchboard with tags.

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