Working with CE Group is an opportunity to experience how employment should be. It’s about what’s important to you, and how we can support you during your time with us.

Competitive Remuneration

The compensation you deserve for a job you will love.

CE Group quality standards are well recognised across the industry, and without extraordinary people, we can’t deliver. We ensure our people are remunerated in line with these expectations, and recognise that our team are exceptional at what they do.

Focus on Mental Health

CE Group is a Mental Fitness Business, and believes in the benefits of a strong mental health position.

We provide our employees with 2 paid Mental Health leave days in addition to standard leave entitlements to focus on their mental health, without having to consider the impact on leave balances. Our commitment to mental fitness includes a corporate partnership with LIVIN, the provision of trained Mental Health First Aiders, and active participation in many community and external Mental Health Awareness events.

Training and Career Development

CE Group provides opportunities across technical, trade-based, operational and administrative fields, for accredited and non-accredited training courses.

Partnering with industry based RTO’s, CE Group provides employees the opportunity to design their own career path, investing in quality training, providing a platform for practical implementation of skill, and empowering people to think further in their next career steps.

Real Work Life Balance

Life is more than just work

CE Group recognises the importance of maintaining a healthy balance for the wellbeing of their employees ,and their families. Our flexible working environment, and family friendly trade rosters provide our team the ability to maintain the right balance of work commitment with family and personal time.

International Opportunity

Experience the world

Discover the endless possibilities that come with working in the Pacific region, where innovation meets opportunity against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty.

CE Group offers an array of exciting career prospects in the greater pacific region and beyond, where you can immerse yourself in diverse cultures, vibrant communities, and developing economies.

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