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CE Group is an industry advocate for fostering a positive mental health environment. Through numerous initiatives that educate and empower awareness mental health including RUOK Day, Mental Health Awareness Walk and LIVINWELL programs the team at CE Group pride themselves on their “talk the talk, and walk the walk” approach to positive mental health.

With a 4 year corporate partnership with mental health charity LIVIN, the team have been able to facilitate over a dozen LIVINWELL sessions, partake in multiple collaborations events, build a genuine relationship and foundation for their team to thrive.

Where possible, we try to include our clients and industry partners. A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to share a LIVINWELL session with our client GCISolutions. 

These engaging sessions are the cornerstone of our corporate partnership with LIVIN. We are beyond proud to be able to start the conversation around mental health, empowering our team with the resources and reminders that #ITAintWeakToSpeak

According to the stats, 1 in 5 working in the construction industry (possibly you, or someone you know) will experience a mental health crisis in the next 12 months – and we’re here to make sure our team is equipped if they need it. 🛠

Some key takeaways the team regularly say they learn:

• What signs to look for in someone struggling;
• How to make time to have the chat and ask if someone is okay;
• And taking time for some self-reflection and practice some self-love.

These presentations allow for an opportunity to self-reflect, check in with our friends, family and co-workers and remember to take time for ourselves.

In addition to their advocacy to creating a positive mental health workplace, CE Groups dedicated WHSE staff hold regular safety toolbox talks that open the dialogue with a “safety moment” around mental health awareness, ensuring the team is always educated on the signs to be mindful of for themselves and their colleagues.

With a core message of “everyone safe at work, and safe at home” the team are empowered to speak up and share their stories, support one another and create an environment where you are better than then standard you walk past.

Positive mental health is a core value at CE Group, of which the business has raised the status quo for the electrical industry and provides their team and additional TWO paid Mental Health Days per year.

These dedicated days are for the team to reconnect with themselves. Whether that means they’re able to take a long (well deserved) weekend away with the family, catchup on ‘life admin’ or simply enjoy some well earned ‘me-time’, these two days are for the team to recharge and reset.

As a positive mental health focused business CE Group prioritise the wellbeing of their staff above everything else. The team believe a well-rested and focused team delivers the highest quality service to clients, their peers, themselves and enables them to contribute positively to the electrical industry.

So, if joining a team where your wellbeing is priority and work-life balance is encouraged, CE Group are always on the hunt for new team members for specialist roles to join their journey. Reach out to the team here: Employee Beneft

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