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Rising to the Challenge with Q1 Stair Challenge

As a mental health business, we’re exploding with enthusisam for the Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge. Partnering with LIVIN to bring this larger than life event, set to be a heart-raiser, a thrill seekers delight and promising some of Gold Coasts most spectacular views we will be embracing the good-vibes as we support mental health awareness. 

We recently sat with LIVIN to chat about what the challenge, and partnering with them meant to us. Here’s how it all went.

Source: https://www.livin.org/blog/news-and-updates/scaling-new-heights/ 


Meet CE Group: The New Events Partner

CE Group stands as an exemplar of corporate responsibility and commitment to excellence. Since its inception in 2000, CE Group has been at the forefront of delivering innovative electrical and engineering solutions across diverse sectors, including mining, infrastructure, and industrial projects spanning the Asia-Pacific region.

What sets CE Group apart is its unwavering dedication to people-first principles. With a focus on fostering enduring relationships with clients, suppliers, and the community, CE Group prioritises understanding and exceeding expectations. This ethos extends to its own team, whose collective experience and performance form the cornerstone of the company’s success.


CE Group’s alignment with LIVIN’s mission stems from firsthand experience. When faced with adversity, LIVIN provided invaluable support to the CE Group team, solidifying their commitment to pay it forward. By partnering with LIVIN, CE Group aims to destigmatise mental health issues, spark meaningful conversations, and cultivate a supportive environment for its employees and beyond.

Community Engagement

As CE Group embraces its inaugural participation in the SkyPoint Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge, it extends an invitation to its employees, families, and supporters to join in this exhilarating endeavour. By rallying together, CE Group aims to not only conquer physical heights but also elevate mental health awareness to new peaks.

Championing Mental Health

CE Group’s involvement in initiatives like the SkyPoint Sea to Sky Q1 Stair Challenge underscores its commitment to fostering a positive mental health environment within the organisation. Recognising the inherent challenges of the industry, CE Group prioritises providing resources, support, and platforms for open dialogue. From offering additional mental health days to actively participating in awareness campaigns like RUOK Day and Walk for Awareness, CE Group embodies the ethos of corporate citizenship.

 Want to learn more about the challenge? Read here

We can’t wait to share our journey with you on the day!  

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Rising to the challenge with the Q1 Stair Challenge.
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