Our Aim is to be the industry preferred partner for the design, engineering and manufacturing of premium Switchboard and Switchroom solutions.
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Switchboard Manufacturing

CE Switchboards is an industry leader and premium Switchboard and Switchroom manufacturer, delivering turn-key solutions to clients in the resources, industrial, water infrastructure and energy sectors.

The highly experienced team deliver customisable and client specific Switchboard and Switchroom solutions that focus on end-user functionality, design and quality.

The purpose-built facility enables a collaborative and convenient end to end process for our team, stakeholders and clients. From conception to design, manufacturing to testing our team work diligently to deliver high quality products.


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CE Group. Industrial Switchboards. Switchroom. Man and women infront of Switchboard

Introducing CE Groups latest innovation in electrical solutions - the arcSAFE series; an industry leading, customised Switchboard offering, developed by and engineered in house by CE Group to ensure the safest and most reliable product for our partners.


arcSAFE by CE Group is the latest innovation in electrical safety. Driven by industry demand, this customisable Switchboard offering was developed, engineered and tested by our RPEQ Engineers and respected team to adhere to Australian Standards.

arcSAFE has been designed, engineered and manufactured to represent the latest in electrical safety design, whilst still adhering to Australian Standards. The first of its kind in Australia, it is type-tested to AS/NZS 61439:2016 and AS/NZS 3000:2017. 

arcSAFE has the following key features:

  • IP56 outdoor weatherproof rating
  • Rated to 1600 Amps
  • 36kA for arc fault containment
  • 36kA short circuit withstand strength for 1 sec
  • Constructed with marine grade aluminium & 316 stainless steel
  • Compliance with AS 60890: 2009 temperature restrictions
  • Compliance with AS/NZS 61439:2016 and AS/NZS 3000:2017
  • RPEQ/CPENG certification

arcSAFE. Switchroom. Switchboard

arcSAFE Switchboard. CE Group. Industrial Switchboards. Switchroom.
arcSAFE Switchboard. CE Group. Industrial Switchboards. Switchroom.

Switchroom Construction

Our dedicated team specialise in design and manufacture of custom and modular Switchrooms. Our Switchrooms are executed in accordance with Australian Standards and adhere to client specific requirements. 

CE Group is the leading manufacturing partner for custom and transportable Switchrooms. Offering a turn-key, certified solution for clients across energy, resources, industrial and water infrastructure sectors our team are diligent in exceeding client requirements.


With dedicated engineering and trade resources, we are able to work collaboratively with clients through the early engagement, production, installation and testing process. All Switchrooms are manufactured in our purpose-built facility to Australian Standards. 

Modular Solutions

Our team’s extensive experience is complimented by industries leading electrical supply partners, translating to a broad range of modular Switchboard and MCC solutions.

In an ever changing landscape, our modular service offering creates a flexible, adaptable and client centric solution to industry standard challenges. Through innovation and pragmatic design principals, our modular Switchboard services provide clients with a fit-for-purpose solution, regardless of location, scope, complexity or specific requirements.


Our dedicated engineering and trade teams are industry led professionals, supported by accreditations by our supply partners, ensuring a complete, quality-focused and consistent product, every time.


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arcSAFE Switchboard. CE Group. Industrial Switchboards. Switchroom.
arcSAFE Switchboard. CE Group. Industrial Switchboards. Switchroom. Engineering

Design + Engineering

Through a whole-of-life approach to engineering, our inhouse engineering and design team offer a comprehensive and practical service offering. 

With an innovative and end-user mindset to design, our RPEQ/CPENG engineering team work collaboratively with our integrated services and clients to provide efficient design options. Utilising the latest technology and design principles, our team provide a one-stop-shop solution driven outcome for our clients.

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