ACC Boning Room Upgrade
Brisbane, Queensland

Project Details

CE Group was contracted to design and construct the installation of electrical services for a new Beef Boning Room. The project was fast tracked to meet the client’s planned shutdown requirements. The timeline given for sixty days included a total of sixteen days to dismantle the existing installation and commission a new facility.

Our team fitted and terminated all the new remote I/O panels, fixed cable trays and installed associated cables in the ceiling space, ready for the stainless steel droppers to be mounted. Once the droppers were placed in position, we then connected all cables back to our pre-installed field junction boxes and MCCs.

We used an Allen Bradley PLC, which ran the existing Boning Room and other parts of the Plant and modified it to suit the new application, whilst maintaining production in other areas. A new MCC was manufactured and installed and the old MCCs were refurbished to work with the new design.

The project’s challenges included maintaining production in other areas that shared the same MCCs and PLC. There were no electrical drawing and documentation detailing the existing installation available.

We met the project time frames and exceeded our customer’s expectations by reaching the targeted production quantities within the first 24 hours of operation.



Brisbane, QLD



Project Completion




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