POM Power Station, Port Moresby
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Project Details

CE Group have been engaged to provide labour services for the development of the POM Power Station near Port Moresby, as part of the Clough Wartsila Joint Venture.

The project consists of one Site Engine Hall, housing six Gas Generator Engines, providing MV Supply to a dedicated MV Switchroom. The MV Switchroom provides two MV Supplys to the Power Station Switchyard to step up Transformers via underground conduit, primary side feeding 66Kv into Dual Overhead Lines to the PNG Power Network.

The MV Switchroom also supplies two MV Supplys to Dual Auxiliary Transformers, and is also equipped with redundancy backup in the form of a Blackstart Emergency Diesel Generator.

The LV Switchroom provides an LV supply to the Control Room, monitoring Power and gas production, input and output, possible VSDs and control to unique Gas Engine Start ups, Ramp up and downs.

Ancillary buildings, consisting of a combined admin, warehouse, workshop, in addition to standalone buildings such as chem store, guard house and compressed air building, are all supplied via the underground LV reticulated in conduits from the LV Switchroom.

The POM Power Station will produce 58MW base load power to the Port Moresby power grid through its new 66kv power line and substation network, and will support economic and industrial development in Papua New Guinea.



Port Moresby, PNG


Clough Wartsila

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