Primo Smallgoods Refrigeration
Brisbane, Queensland

Project Details

CE Group designed and manufactured the motor control centres for the two main Refrigeration Engine Rooms and various field MCC’s and VSD panels for the Control Refrigeration Penthouses and Evaporation Plant.

The Refrigeration Plant was constructed for two buildings – Chiller Building and Freezer Building. These buildings were to be refrigerated to temperatures of O0C for product chilling and -250C for frozen storage. This was equivalent to refrigerating the internal space of Suncorp Stadium to -100C.

With the close corroboration with Gordon Bros and CE Group’s knowledge of control systems, we were able to implement industry best practice in an energy efficient refrigeration plant. With intelligent control of process variables, including pressures, temperature, humidity and set points, CE Group was able to construct algorithms to optimise equipment performance. Additionally, the intuitive step sequence control of the refrigeration compressors reduced the requirement for unnecessary starting and stopping – thus improving efficiencies.



 Brisbane, QLD



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