Lower Molonglo Furnace Upgrade
Canberra, ACT

Project Details

The three existing Aeration Blowers in the Secondary Treatment Facility at Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre in Canberra, ACT had exceeded their economic life. The Project consisted of replacing each Blower and associated equipment.

Over four construction stages, the new Blowers were brought into commission, all while maintaining redundancy and the critical, continuous aeration to the treatment plant. Many challenging system cutovers were faced, including a new Fibre Optic Termination Cubicle, all having the added pressure of a 45 minute maximum shutdown time on the Blower System.

Three new 2500A Switchboards were built by CE Group and shipped to Canberra. Each board was fed by a dedicated Transformer via Resin Filled 2500A IP Rated Busduct. CE Group was responsible for the mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning of the Busduct which included lengths up to 60 metres. CE Group worked closely with Downer to plan and execute the precision installation of the Switchboards and their physical connection to the Busduct.



Canberra, ACT


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