Gundagai Meat Processors Plant Expansion

The Gundagai Meat Processors Plant Expansion involved supply and installation of the Main electrical Switchboard  and Low Voltage Infrastructure upgrade Works across the plant.

Challenges in the project included:

  • Maintaining continuity of operations
  • Working amongst livestock
  • Mitigation of disease risk
  • Transport and logistics

CE Group was able to successfully complete installation, upgrade and commissioning of all new infrastructure, maintaining a zero LTI record, within time and budget.

Lower Molonglo Blower Install

The Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre has become a familiar home for CE Group’s ACT Operations team in recent years, and it’s strong relationship with Downer Utilities continues with the successful award of the Electrical Works contract for the LMWQCC Furnace and Exhaust Upgrade Project.

The project involves the upgrade of the Centre’s furnace and exhaust systems to ensure the facility meets regulatory submission requirements and minimises any impact on the surrounding environments. CE Group has been tasked with the supply and installation of VSDs and IO controllers, Instrumentation and all cabling and associated support systems.

Lower Molonglo Furnace Upgrade

The three existing Aeration Blowers in the Secondary Treatment Facility at Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre in Canberra, ACT had exceeded their economic life. The Project consisted of replacing each Blower and associated equipment.

Over four construction stages, the new Blowers were brought into commission, all while maintaining redundancy and the critical, continuous aeration to the treatment plant. Many challenging system cutovers were faced, including a new Fibre Optic Termination Cubicle, all having the added pressure of a 45 minute maximum shutdown time on the Blower System.

EIMC Upgrade, Canberra

After completion of Stage 1 of the Electrical, Instrumentation, Monitoring and Control (EIMC) works for Icon water in the ACT, CE Group was successful in the award of Group 2. The project is the second in a series of works across Icon Water’s network sites where the overall goal is to increase the safety and reliability of the electrical and control installation on 93 reservoirs, valve farms and pump stations throughout the ACT. The program is due to run for five years and involves approximately half of Icon Waters Network assets.

All sites are functioning assets and needed to remain operational throughout the installation with small windows of time available for the assets to be offline. At each of the sites, the telemetry system was changed which will, in turn, affect other network sites.

LMWQCC Secondary Clarifiers

CE Group is proud to be a part of the further works at Icon Water’s Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre. Demonstrating a strong history of works on the Lower Molonglo Site, CE Group were engaged to carry out the electrical works associated with Icon Water’s Secondary Clarifiers, for its client Downer.

CE Group’s scope included provision of switchboards, civil works including large pulling pits and switchboard platforms and culverts, installation of cable support and cabling, instrumentation and commissioning.

This project also included automating flow control into each clarifier and installation of turbidity monitoring of each clarifier’s effluent.