BATA Project Destiny (NSW)
Sydney, New South Wales

Project Details

British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) presently operates a tobacco and cigarette production facility in East Gardens in Sydney. Current processes on the site include tobacco storage, tobacco manufacturing, cigarette manufacturing, packaging and distribution and, until recently, roll your own production.

CE Group was contracted to assist BATA in the redevelopment of the existing 93,750m2 site. BATA’s plan was to create a more sustainable, effective and efficient operating facility for the long-term by reconfiguring their existing onsite operations.

CE Groups scope of works included the augmentation to the existing High Voltage network, through to the provision of a new Low Voltage power infrastructure. Particular attention was focused towards the facility’s energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, this was achieved through the design and implementation of energy monitoring systems, lighting controls and the selection of energy saving lighting fixtures. The project required the ongoing operation of several of BATA’s production services requiring CE Group to perform several critical changeovers resulting in no loss in normal operations.



Sydney, NSW



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