Buranda TOD

CE Group Mechanical Electrical team were engaged to deliver the mech/elec portion of the works for this project.

300 George Stage 1

CE Group Mechanical Electrical team were engaged to deliver the mech/elec portion of the works for this project.

The hotel will be the first of the three buildings to be constructed and will include a seven-level basement, four-level podium, and 305 rooms.

ACC Retail Ready Processing Facility

Australian Country Choice supply high-quality beef and veal products to Coles Supermarkets and other export customers, maintaining a “plate to paddock” philosophy.

This new facility provides a new retail ready meat packing plant for Queensland and northern New South Wales. The project involved the demolition of disused chillers for the construction of the new facility to accommodate automate storage, cutting and trimming, tray packing and sealing, labeling and carton packing areas.

AMH By Products Plant

Australia Meat Holdings (now JBS Australia) required a By-Products Processing Plant for its processing facility to kill 4.000 cattle per day.

The new plant allows AMH to meet its by-product processing dispatch requirements for current and future projects output to meet environmental requirements and maximise opportunities for meal and tallow in the by-product market.

ACC Boning Room Upgrade

CE Group was contracted to design and construct the installation of electrical services for a new Beef Boning Room. The project was fast tracked to meet the client’s planned shutdown requirements. The timeline given for sixty days included a total of sixteen days to dismantle the existing installation and commission a new facility.

CJ Nutracon Meat and Bone Marrow Processing Plant

CJ Nutracon is a subsidiary of Korean food manufacturing giant, CJ Cheil-jedang, and manufacture and supply products sourced from the Australian food, meat and livestock industries, specialising in the manufacture of enzyme hydrolyzed beef extract, beef leg bone extract and other meat extract products. The project also houses the on site laboratory.

The Toowoomba plant is the result of a relocation of the Oklahoma, USA facility, which was closed down as a result of the mad cow disease in the USA.

JBS Australia Hide Processing Facility, Ipswich

JBS Australia Pty Limited is a division of JBS, Brazil’s largest multinational in the food sector, and the worlds largest meat company.

JBS Australia’s objective was to create an environmentally sound Hide Processing Facility, allowing them the ability to process hides in-house and continue to meet their ever-increasing supplier demand. This required redesigning their entire process from the ground up.

KPC Carcass Conveyors

CE Group was engaged by Kilcoy Pastoral Company (KPC) to provide a turn-key electrical solution for the Carcass Conveyor system which forms part of a new boning facility at the Kilcoy processing plant.

The scope of works included working directly with KPC to design, install and commission a stand-alone MCC for the Carcass Conveyor system, including PLC design and programming married with Human Machine Interface (HMI) design and integration.

Primo Smallgoods Refrigeration

CE Group designed and manufactured the motor control centres for the two main Refrigeration Engine Rooms and various field MCC’s and VSD panels for the Control Refrigeration Penthouses and Evaporation Plant.

The Refrigeration Plant was constructed for two buildings – Chiller Building and Freezer Building. These buildings were to be refrigerated to temperatures of O0C for product chilling and -250C for frozen storage. This was equivalent to refrigerating the internal space of Suncorp Stadium to -100C.

Primo Smallgoods, Brisbane

Primo’s new Wacol operation will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in Australia – a massive 38,000m2 facility comprising freezer, manufacturing and distribution centre under one roof. Stage 1 involved the construction of the Freezer and Chiller Buildings.

The complexity of this project involved fast track construction, which put pressure on both design and installation of the electrical systems. The design of an efficient electrical distribution system to solve the challenge of the dual building layout, smart switchboard location planning, distributed control systems and distributed drive technology were also contributing factors.